Advanced SUP
Intro to SUP

Paddle Canada Accredited Introductory and Advanced Flatwater SUP,  Ocean Touring and SUP Surfing Courses available. All courses can be customized for you or your group.  Successful paddlers will receive a Paddle Canada Certificate on accredited courses.


Intro to SUP (not accredited) Clinic is 90 minutes long. $55 group rate   $110 private  Everything you need to get you going. Price includes a board, paddle, PFD


Basic SUP  (Paddle Canada Accredited) Course is 2 hours long. Includes a short tour depending on skill level and weather conditions. 

$80 group rate        $180 private

Advanced Flatwater SUP course is 4 hours long and can be split up over 2 days.  For paddlers who want to take their SUP to the next level. Improve your paddling efficency, safety and skills.  $149 group rate $270 private.  Paddle Canada Accredited


Flatwater Touring Level  1 course is 8 hours long and can be split up over 2 days.  Focus on safety, trip planning and efficent paddling technique.  Paddle Canada Accredited

$199 group rate.  $529 Private  


Surf Level 1 course is 3 hours long.  The next step for confident SUPers. Learn how to safely launch into waves and surf small waves on your SUP. Private or Semi Private Lessons only.  Offered depending on surf forecast. $120 Group Rate  $299 Private